ArtCards and other trading cards

ArtCards are a large series of my hand drawn trading cards of artists, entertainers, and performers. Half depict work by myself, sole illustrator and designer. Originally conceived to organize past and future inspirations I intended to use the cards to help me make decisions. My past works are represented, including my ideas for future pieces yet to be completed ie. 'Concept Only'. I drew each in illustration marker at standard trading card size- 2.5 x 3.5 inches. 180 different cards are organized into 4 complete Series of 45 cards each. Series 1 are the first cards, Series 4 the newest, all done within a year's span between 2001 and 2002. Each of the 4 sets are an eclectic assortment with no distinct theme. The only real difference between the sets is a progression of my drawing style and graphics. Each ArtCard is an AP laser-printed on heavy cardstock limited to roughly 50 prints per card. I print and cut every single card myself. See the first-ever ArtCard viewing and purchases here.

ArtCards are available from DeStore in 'blind' 7-card packs each sealed with a stale stick of gum. Just the way it used to be.
Write me regarding the acquisition of individual ArtCards and prints for wall mounting.

Also below are various trading card side-projects. 'Media Heroes' were a project commissioned by Reclaim by the Media, a local non-profit. I was commissioned by Topps Inc. to draw LucasFilm Ltd. lincensed Star Wars 'Sketch Cards' in sets of 50 to 100 small original artworks. These are my original one-off drawings licensed and inserted into official foil packs sold by various trading card companies.